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Trevor H.C. Baker


Trevor H. C. Baker was born on the tropic island of Barbados, West Indies. In 1959, he and his siblings joined his parents in the United States, and as a new convert to Adventism, he became very involved with the youth of the Bethel Church in Brooklyn, New York; where he was instrumental in leading the Youth Society of that church to experience growth and vibrance.

After all attempts to avoid the call of God, he gave in to the Spirit’s call and entered Oakwood College (University) in 1963 to prepare for the gospel ministry, and graduated from that illustrious institution in 1967. He subsequently matriculated at Andrews University Theological Seminary, in Berrien Springs, Michigan, from which he earned his Master of Divinity degree in 1969.

Following the Seminary experience he began ministry in the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, serving as Pastor of the Mount Carmel S.D.A. Church in Syracuse, New York, and later at the Corona S.D.A. Church in Corona, New York.

In 1976, he was elected to serve the Northeastern Conference as Youth Director, a position that he held for fifteen dynamic years (1976-1991). During that time he, with God’s help, was able to build a strong youth ministry throughout the Conference. Some things which God blessed him to accomplish during his years in Youth Ministry are as follows:

• Created and developed the Bible Bowl Ministry in 1979.
• Instituted the annual Youth and Pathfinder Awards Program.
• Established a biannual Drama Festival for Youth.
• Established a local Conference Youth Advisory.
• Introduced the Youth Federation concept in the Northeastern Conference.
• Instituted an annual Bible Conference for High School students attending non-SDA schools.
• Instituted the annual Youth Olympics program.
• Created and established the Northeastern Conference Basketball Commission.
• Developed and sponsored a biannual Youth Choir Festival program.

He was called from youth ministry to serve as the Executive Secretary of the Northeastern Conference, a position that he admirably executed for 12 years. In that capacity, he, with God’s help made the following contributions:
• Developed a Policy Manual for Northeastern Conference Field employees.
• Led the development of an evaluation instrument for pastors and churches within the Northeastern Conference.
• Developed forms and protocols by which to better monitor accountability for office and field personnel.

In March 2002, he was asked to assume the office of President at a very critical time for the Northeastern Conference, and humbly and faithfully served through June 2012. Throughout his tenure as President, he

• Promoted spiritual leadership within the Conference Administration.
• Fostered openness and honesty in reporting among and by the Administration.
• Established annual soul-winning and tithe goals for churches.
• Instituted an annual Pastoral Leadership Recognition and Award ceremony.
• Implemented Pastoral Ministeriums (districts)
• Led the Administration in retiring two bonds that encumbered Conference assets.
• Initiated annual tithe accountability from all Conference employees and Executive Committee members.
• Encouraged and effected the merging of some small churches for efficiency and effective ministry.
• Membership of the Conference surpassed 50,000.

He currently serves as the pastor of the South Ozone Park SDA Church and is supported in ministry by his wife, Eunice P. Senior-Baker, an Information and Technology Specialist, who serves at the Northeastern Conference Headquarters as the Manager of Information Technology. They have one adult son, Joel, and one granddaughter, Jaydalyn.

Educational Degrees
B. A in Religion and Theology, Oakwood University, Huntsville, AL.1967
M. Div. in Applied Theology, Andrews University Theological Seminary, Berrien Springs, MI, 1969.

Honorary Doctor of Divinity, Canadian International Chaplains Association International University and Seminary, 2014.