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Abdele George


Abdele F. George, at the tender age of four, often stood in front of the mirror with a broomstick in one hand, and a Bible in another, imitating his childhood Pastor. He was totally unaware that God was orchestrating a transformative plan for his life.

Life was not without its challenges, but Pastor George clearly saw how the Lord had kept and covered him. It was not until his undergraduate studies in New York, with two semesters left until his graduation, with an expected Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, that the Lord instructed him to refocus and relocate to Oakwood University to pursue a degree in Theology. God’s plan had finally become clear.

A gifted orator, Pastor George served as the director of Power Hour Ministries, Master Guide instructor, and President of the Religion and Theology Forum, during his matriculation at Oakwood University. He provided spiritual guidance, leadership, and support to theology students.

Pastor George is a native of Brooklyn, New York. He studied at Oakwood University, Andrews University, the New York Theological Seminary, and Alfred University, from which he earned a Bachelor in Theology, a Master of Divinity, and a doctorate of Ministry degree, respectively. He later earned a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling.

Dr. George is an ordained minister, who has served as the pastor of the Friendship SDA Church in Elmira, NY, the associate pastor of the Ephesus SDA Church in Harlem, New York, the Norwalk and Breath of Life Fellowship SDA churches in Connecticut, and is the current pastor of the South Ozone Park SDA Church in South Ozone Park, New York.

Dr. George is a dynamic preacher and is widely known for teaching believers to trust in God and in the transformational power of the Holy Spirit. He is active in youth ministry and was a guest preacher at the 2018 South Central Youth Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. He has a passion for seeking out individuals who have lost touch with their faith in God. Pastor George’s practical teaching style helps people apply the Good News of “God’s love for all” to their lives.

Dr. George is married to the former Shonelle Lynch of Guyana, who in addition to being the love of his life, and an outstanding wife and mother, is a counsellor in the Percy E. Sutton SEEK program. Mrs Lynch-George holds degrees in Computer Programming, Justice Studies, and English, and holds a Master’s Degree in Education. Together, they share their love, home, and lives with their young daughter Amelia, who is smart, and loving and keeps her parents very busy.